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On the trail of the "Schubertiade"

musical evening at the Casa

What happened more than 200 years ago on those evenings when the artist Franz Schubert performed his works, probably especially his "Lieder", to friends and acquaintances, is something we can only begin to guess at today. Nevertheless, we still have the opportunity to see the artist's intention and from this to dare to take up his successful attempt: to pass on the gift of beauty.

In the very modest "Casaiade" of last Saturday with the students of the house and some guests, who were (after an original Italian dinner) allowed to enjoy music. A creative arc was drawn starting from Austria and Germany to Scotland, from there to Mexico to France:


Franz Schubert: from "Winterreise": Das Wirtshaus, Der stürmische Morgen, Die Krähe, Der Lindenbaum, Nebensonnen.

Johann Sebastian Bach: from "Magnificat" (BWV 243): Et misericordias.

W. A. Mozart: from "Die Zauberflöte": Tamino mein! (28. Auftritt), Das klinget so herrlich (17. Auftritt).

Ludwig van Beethoven: Klaviersonate

Traditional Scottish Gaelic Lament Song

Alpenländische Volkslieder: Bozner Bergsteigerlied, In die Berg bin i gern.

Augustin Lara: Granada

J. Arcadelt: Ave Maria


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