New courses for the second semester

The new semester began with three courses, which will give us elements of answer to very important questions, such as: What is my state of life in the Church? According to what criteria events and existence become authentic history? Can Nietzsche teach us something today?

We will indeed go on following Balthasar's thorough study on the Christian states of life, in which he offers a rich meditation centered on the Gospel and the whole Revelation: what are the states of life of man before the original sin, during history, and at the end of it. Second, we will listen to his Theology of history, in which he shows how all true history has its place in Christ, who represents the whole humanity (and every man) before the Father. Eventually, we will continue studying Nietzsche through an anthology published by Balthasar in 1942: Nietzsche fought above all a gentrified version of Christianism, and rediscovered important values for us today. (An extract of Balthasar's chapter names: Tradition, Nobility, Obedience, Distance, Love, Masks, Yes and Amen, Grace, Night, The Mystery, Beyond Good and Evil, …)

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