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Directions to the Casa

The Casa Balthasar is located in Rome (Italy), Via Nomentana #236, about 30 min. from the historical center by public transportation, close to the Basilica of Saint Agnes Outside the Walls. Tickets for public transportation can be purchased at any of the metro stations and Tobacco shops. Basic tickets cost 1.50 euros and are valid for 100 minutes for the bus and tram in addition to a one-way usage on the metro in the same timespan. You must purchase your ticket ahead of time and validate it on the vehicle. 

For detailed instructions on getting here from various points of departure, see below. We recommend using a route planner such as ATAC or Google Maps if you are unfamiliar with the city and will have access to a mobile phone with data.


Arriving by Public Transit from...


You can reach the house with public transit in about 20 minutes, by either:

  • the Metro line B train to Jonio (stopping at station Annibaliano-Sant’Agnese), or;

  • by bus #60 or #90 (stopping at Nomentana-Asmara). 

If you are coming from...

  1. Take the train for Roma Termini (Leonardo Express) at the station near Terminal C (consult the train time-table on the website of Trenitalia).

  2. The ticket, purchasable at one of the station’s automatic ticketing machines or at a Tobacco shop, costs 14 Euro and is not valid for other means of public transportation. Be sure to validate the ticket in one of the yellow machines before entering the train.

  3. Arrive at the Roma Termini station (the train from Fiumicino will take about 30 minutes).

  4. Follow the directions from Termini Station by Public Transit above.

  1. Leaving the terminal, take one of the shuttle buses for Termini Station (4€ or 4,50€ depending on which company; the tickets are to be bought from the bus driver when first getting on).

  2. The buses depart about every 30 minutes. The trip to Termini takes about 45 minutes. 

  3. Get off at Termini and follow the directions from Termini Station by Public Transit above.

  1. From the train station tunnel, head Northeast towards Via Aosta; turn right and follow this street until you reach Via Nomentana. 

  2. At the intersection of Via Aosta and Via Nomentana, cross the street and follow the Via Nomentana to your right (over the train tracks). 

  3. From this intersection it is a 10 minute walk to the Casa, with one other intersection along the way. After a long stretch of sidewalk, the gate will be on your left near a very large tree, just before the intersection of Via Nomentana and Via St. Angela Merici.

If you are arriving by Car...

  1. Coming into Rome, take the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA), and take ‘uscita 11 (Nomentana)’, towards ‘Monte Sacro, Roma Centro’ (the sign for ‘Roma Centro’ has a series of concentric circles).

  2. Take the via Nomentana for 5 km until you reach the bridge over the railway and the Tangenziale Est (which will be indicated with green-coloured signs). The bridge is at the top of a steep hill.

  3. Continue along the Nomentana.

  4. Arriving at the 3rd traffic-light after the bridge (passing by a little park on your right, Villa Leopardi), get in the left lane and make an U-turn, as if you wanted to go back in the other direction on the Via Nomentana.

  5. The Casa Balthasar is immediately on your right (2nd gate).

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