Current Courses

Following the standard academic calendar, the Accademia Balthasar offers a selection of weekly seminars available to university students and researchers upon request. The subject material of these courses can vary greatly, ranging from philosophy to theology to literature, and typically has roots in the works of our authors of reference or in the vast cultural milieu of Hans Urs von Balthasar.

For those interested, comprehensive catalogues of past course themes and 
session details are available in the archives below. 

Theo-Drama I


8:30 - 12:20

The seminar offers an introduction to Theo-dramatics by proposing a historical excursus of the World Theater motif from antiquity to the present day in order to identify in the elements of drama (author, actor, director, performance and audience) some analogies that can help to understand the drama of redemption.



8:30 - 12:20

In this course we read the writings of the still little known 17th century French genius. What makes the emergence of Pascal’s Pensées one of the great historic world phenomenons, according to Balthasar, is his seemingly timeless youth: his fire does not go out, his basic insights do not become obsolete. This work as a whole is open to something very specific: to the conclusion of God’s ways with the world in which all the enigmas are clarified.

Saint Irenaeus


8:30 - 12:20

This seminar intends to present texts by Irenaeus chosen and collected by Balthasar in the anthology Gott in Fleisch und Blut. By plumbing the depths of the truth of the Incarnation, Irenaeus expounds the main themes of his struggle against the gnosticism of the second century, which however remains a temptation even for Christians of today: the unity of creation and redemption, the goodness of God and creation, and man’s purpose of giving praise to God.


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