Presented categorically below are the complete works of Henri de Lubac, following the opera omnia proposed by the International Cardinal Henri de Lubac Association. Each of the French titles below is hyperlinked to a custom search in our library's online catalogue, which will provide you with a list of all available translations and editions of that particular work in our library. Unfortunately the mobile version of this page has been substantially modified and, in addition to various formatting issues, does not display the corresponding English titles. For full functionality we recommend visiting the desktop version on your personal computer.

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Henri de Lubac

“Whoever stands before the forty or so volumes of Henri de Lubac's writings, with their more than 10,000 pages and hundreds of thousands of quotations—even disregarding the numerous articles and other smaller works—feels as though he is at the entrance to a primeval forest... But to one who begins to penetrate and become familiar with these major works, this seeming jungle reveals the order of an organic whole that unfolds an eminently successful attempt to present the spirit of Catholic Christianity to contemporary man...”  — Hans Urs von Balthasar, The Theology of Henri de Lubac 

Presented categorically below are the complete works of Henri de Lubac, following the opera omnia proposed by the International Cardinal Henri de Lubac Association.


Each category contains a list of the original French titles (right) along with titles of the corresponding English translations, where one has been made (left). Where translations have been made of one or more parts of a work, the correspondence has been indicated with letters (a, b, c) in the original title. Clicking on the French titles will redirect you to a list of all available translations and editions of that particular work in our library's online catalogue. Unfortunately this page is not well-adapted for mobile.

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  1. The Discovery of God

  2. The Drama of Atheist Humanism

  3. The Un-Marxian Socialist:
    A Study of Proudhon

  4. (Not yet translated)



  1. The Christian Faith: An Essay on the Structure of the Apostles' Creed

  2. (Not yet translated)



  1. Catholicism: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man

  2. The Splendor of the Church

  3. a. The Church: Paradox and          Mystery 
    b. (Not yet translated)


  4. The Motherhood of the Church: followed by Particular Churches in the Universal Church

  5. The Catholic and His Church*

  6. The Spirituality of the Ursulines of the Roman Union**

* The Catholic and His Church contain chapters 7 and 8 of The Splendor of the Church

** The Spirituality of the Ursulines of the Roman Union was published at the end of Méditation sur l'Eglise



  1. (Not yet translated)*

  2. The Mystery of the Supernatural

  3. Augustinianism and Modern Theology

  4. a. (Not yet translated) 
    b. A Brief Catechesis on                Nature and Grace

* Part I of Surnaturel is closely followed in Augustinianism and Modern Theology, and the Conclusion was translated by David Coffey in Philosophy and Theology, 11:2, (1999), pp. 368-80



  1. Corpus Mysticum: The Eucharist and the Church in the Middle Ages

  2. History and Spirit: The Understanding of Scripture According to Origen

  3. Medieval Exegesis (I)


  4. Medieval Exegesis (II)


  5. Medieval Exegesis (III)


  6. Medieval Exegesis (IV)


  7. Scripture in the Tradition*

  8. The Sources of Revelation**

* Scripture in the Tradition takes up the conclusion to History and Spirit and parts of Medieval Exegesis

** The Sources of Revelation is an anthology of Medieval Exegesis



  1. (Published separately)
    I. Aspects of Buddhism
    II. History of Pure Land                 Buddhism


  2. (Not yet translated)



  1. The Religion of Teilhard de Chardin

  2. a. The Faith of Teilhard de            Chardin or Teilhard de              Chardin: The Man and His        Meaning*
    b. Teilhard Explained


  3. The Eternal Feminine: A Study on the Text of Teilhard de Chardin, followed by Teilhard and the Problems of Today

  4. (Not yet translated)


La prière du Père Teilhard de Chardin was translated and published in London and New York in the same year (1965) under different titles (The Faith of Teilhard in London and The Man and His Meaning in New York)



  1. (Not yet translated)


  2. (Not yet translated)


  3. (Not yet translated)


  4. (Not yet translated)



  1. a. Paradoxes of Faith
    b. Further Paradoxes
    c. More Paradoxes


  2. a. (Not yet translated)
    b. (Not yet translated)
    c. Three Jesuits Speak: Yves de        Montcheuil, Charles Nicolet,      Jean Zupan 


  3. At the Service of the Church: Henri Lubac Reflects on the Circumstances That Occasioned His Writings

  4. Christian Resistance to
    Anti-Semitism: Memories
    from 1940-1944


  5. Theological fragments

  6. (Not yet translated)


  7. Theology in History*

* Théologie dans l'histoire contains aspects of various parts of other books by Henri de Lubac



  1. (Not yet translated)


  2. (Not yet translated)


  3. (Not yet translated)


  4. (Not yet translated)


  5. (Not yet translated)


  6. (Not yet translated)


  7. (Not yet translated)


  8. a. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,      Letters from Hastings, 
    b. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,      Letters from Paris,


  9. (Not yet translated)


  10. (Not yet translated)


  11. Letters of Etienne Gilson to Henri de Lubac



  1. (Not yet translated)


  2. (Not yet translated)

  3. (Not yet translated)


  4. Vatican Council Notebooks
    (I and II)


  5. De Lubac: A Theologian Speaks

  1. Jean Daniélou – Henri de Lubac, Correspondance

  2. Autour du Surnaturel

  3. Henri de Lubac – Jacques Maritain, Correspondance et rencontres

  4. Carnets du Concile I et II


  5. Entretien autour de Vatican II



  1. (Not yet translated)

  1. Henri de Lubac S.J., bibliographie complète