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Resources for Researchers

Those engaged in academic or professional work relating to our authors of reference are encouraged to draw on the various resources found below. Contained here is a confluence of material and guidance that will allow one to see these authors through the right lens, and thereby encounter them with a greater fullness and depth.


Biblioteca Balthasar

Endowed with nearly 10,000 books and journals, the library of the Casa Balthasar is a uniquely cultivated collection that seeks to bring to life and make accessible the theological, literary and cultural milieu of Hans Urs von Balthasar.

The library is typically open weekday mornings from 8:30–12:20, however, these times are subject to change. If you are interested in visiting the library, we encourage you to contact us in advance to confirm times and availability.

Access to an online catalogue of the library's contents is available here.

Works of the Principal Authors

The writings of Balthasar, Lubac, and Speyr are plentiful and can be difficult to navigate. To make this process easier, we have presented their works categorically according to their respective publication plans, along with corresponding titles of translations, where one has been made. Furthermore, each page includes links to the authors' works in our library catalogue and the various translations available.

Fr. Jacques Servais, SJ

As a personal friend and disciple of both Balthasar and Lubac, Fr. Jacques Servais has dedicated much of his life to the study, exposition, and transmission of the work and spirit of our authors of reference. He has an intimate knowledge not only of their writings but of the way in which they ought to be interpreted.

As such, he himself is a valuable resource in this area, and makes himself readily available to those interested in deepening their knowledge of these authors.


Fr. Servais is also the author of a number of publications which shed light on different aspects of these authors and important themes contained in their works. Available below is a list of all available articles online (with links), a PDF of his bibliography, as well as links to two of his more recent books.


Other Helpful Resources


Among the more unique aspects of our library is a collection of unpublished theses on themes pertaining to our authors of reference, as well as authors in their respective cultural and literary milieux (e.g. Bouyer, Przywara, Guardini, Schneider, etc.). To view these titles in our online catalogue, follow the link below.


For access to a list of potentially helpful resources external to our website, follow the link below. 

Fr. Jacques Servais
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