Accademia: Current Courses

Second Semester of 2021/22.

Offering a formation at once both spiritual and intellectual, the Casa Balthasar has as a goal to make known and to live the bi-millennial faith of the Church, as well as to familiarize the students with all the questions of the contemporary world. We encourage one another in the constant effort towards an ever more perfect integration of intellectual and spiritual formation, of professional competence and sanctity.

In the current semester three weekly seminars are being offered:

  1. The encounter with non-Christian religions according to H. U. von Balthasar The purpose of the seminar is to offer a knowledge of the main non-Christian religions from which there can be a comparison with Christianity which – on the basis of certain criteria derived from the Revelation that took place historically in Jesus Christ – allows us to better evaluate their nature, their value and their limits.

  2. Issues of Anthropology in Henri de Lubac This seminar deals with some questions concerning the “spiritual nature” of man. The french theologian uses the term “nature” as man's insertion in the cosmic order and the term “spirit” as his transcendence.

  3. Confession in Modern Literature In the Prolegomena of his Theodrama, Balthasar presents some classics of Christian Christian literature that illustrate man’s existential question about his own life and shows how they bring out the theme of the “confession” of sins before another, witness to the truth before God.

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