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Olive Harvest

in the beautiful hills above Firenze.

Between November 11th and 16th, students of the Casa were invited to Ribboia, a small village in Toscana, to help out with an olive harvest. The experience was greatly enjoyed by all, and the pleasure of working in the beautiful hills above Firenze fit perfectly with the Casa’s philosophy of combining work, study and prayer. In the words of Charles Péguy, there is a special joy in work done for its own sake, for the thing bien fait.

In keeping with the rhythm of the academic term, a study session was held on Dante’s Purgatory, much enhanced by its being held nella terra di Dante. [E naturalmente abbiamo gustato della cucina fiorentina.] On the return trip, a quick stop in Siena provided a chance to see the famous Duomo di Siena, the home of St. Catherine of Siena, and the Piazza del Campo.

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