Jacques Servais, SJ

Director of Accademia Balthasar

: +39 06 86 328 193

: j.servais

Biographical note

  • Born in 1949, entered into the Society of Jesus in 1967, ordained to the priesthood in 1979.
  • University studies at Namur, Heidelberg, Louvain (degrees in philosophy and psychology), Brussels, and Rome (doctorate in dogmatic theology).
  • Has resided in Rome since 1985, teaches systematic spiritual theology at the Gregorian University, and administers the Casa Balthasar, a school of discernment and formation for young lay Christians.
  • President of the Lubac-Balthasar-Speyr Association since its inception in Rome in 1991, under the patronage of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, by disciples of H. de Lubac and H. U. von Balthasar.
  • Has published various works and articles on H. U. von Balthasar and the spiritual sources of his thought, in particular St. Ignatius of Loyola and A. von Speyr, but also J. H. Newman, M. Blondel, and F. Ulrich.


Théologie des Exercices spirituels.
H. U. von Balthasar interprète saint Ignace

de Jacques Servais

Other Publications

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Texte zum ignatianischen Exerzitienbuch

Ausgewählt und eingeleitet von Jacques Servais SJ

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Textos de Ejercicios Espirituales

Selección e introducción por Jacques Servais SJ

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Eine Theologie für das 21. Jahrhundert. Zur Wirkungsgeschichte Balthasars.

3925f1Conferenza del Rettore P. Jacques Servais S.J. sul tema: Les laïcs dans la vie et l’oeuvre de H. U von Balthasar, con la partecipazione dei studenti della Casa Balthasar.

Dove: Einsiedeln (Switzerland)
Quando: 11 – 13 settembre 2013