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Casa Balthasar Events

Here you will find relevant updates pertaining to the Casa Balthasar, its various activities, and the authors of reference. For the most part, these posts are written by current students and alumni of the Casa.


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  • Dante: The Divine Comedy (Summer Session)
    Dante: The Divine Comedy (Summer Session)
    In collaboration with the Comunità di san Leolino (, the Casa Balthasar is excited to offer a summer seminar on Dante's Divine Comedy at the 'Certosa di Firenze', taking as its inspiration and guide the writings of H.U. von Balthasar's on the author and his work.
  • La Vita Nova di Dante Alighieri
    La Vita Nova di Dante Alighieri
    Join us in the final weeks leading up to the 2019/2020 academic year as we close the Accademia Balthasar's summer sessions with Dante's Vita Nova...
  • Shakespeare's Measure For Measure
    Shakespeare's Measure For Measure
    Join us as the students of the CB give a representation of a play written by one of the greatest poets and playwrights in history, which, although among his lesser known works, Balthasar highlights as a masterpiece dealing with the Christian theme of Justice and Mercy.
  • Launch of the New Website
    Launch of the New Website
    Explore the new Casa Balthasar website!
  • LBS General Assembly
    LBS General Assembly
    The annual general meeting of the LBS Association will meet to discuss important matters pertaining to the oversight of the Casa Balthasar.
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