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Péguy: His Life and Works

Session with Nicolas Faguer

This session on Péguy was, more than anything else, an appetizer to entice one to discover his life and works.

After a presentation of the writer's life through images and maps, we read various passages from The Portal of the Mystery of the Second Virtue, a magnificent long poem in which the various faces of hope are made manifest through images such as that of the little girl hope; the lumberjack who entrusts his children to Our Lady; the parables as they act in the heart of Man and wish to be nourished by him; and the Father who watches the Son die on Good Friday in the hopeful expectation of the Resurrection. All of them pages that awaken in us the desire to hope for the better - and more.

More of Nicolas Faguer on Péguy You can find in the bulletin L'Amitié Charles Péguy no. 173, janvier-mars 2021.

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